Holo U | Holo mini

multisensory interactive hologram
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Holo U

Interactive holographic showcase

Available sizes

0.55m & 1m Totem version

1.4m & 1.6m Bare version
A basic undecorated structure permitting integration into your own setting or display

Holo mini

Interactive holographic showcase

Available display sizes

XS 8.9” (226mm)
S 15.6” (396mm)

A unique all-in-one

Multisensory Interactive Hologram

Customer Immersive manipulation of your product by means of an incredible interactive hologram!

Biometric Analysis

Without being intrusive due to total anonymity, it also offers statistical feedback linked to the emotions of the user. Branded U Sense Analytics, this valuable marketing tool targeted on data collection, produces extremely detailed and relevant sensory data.

Audio 3D/Interactive Lighting

Corporate Sound. High-end immersive Sound Design (multichannel or Audio 3D) creating ambience at the point of sale/event and for user interactions with Holo U | Holo mini. Customized with your own branding and an interactive backlight or lighting environment.

Olfactory Diffuser

Diffusion of the olfactory signature of your brand through a diffuser, integrated into Holo U | Holo mini. The olfactory sense influences behavior and reaction to purchases. It promotes the identification, the perception and the recognition of your company.

Play with your brand in an innovative way!